Watauga Valley Railroad Historical Society & Museum

2023 Officers, Directors and Appointees

President: Mike E. Tilley
Vice President: Howard Orfield
Secretary: Connie Hunt
Treasurer: Jeanie Walker
Historian: Gary Price

Howard Orfield (Chairman of the Board)
Art Devoe
Frank Gricus
Bob Mushet
Rick Chinouth
Jim Calhoun
Ralph Clark
Scott Wise
Bobby Hand
Tony King
Les Billings

Jim Magill, Mechanical Officer
Art Devoe, Chief Mechanical Officer
Fred Waskiewicz, Newsletter Editor
Jeff Forrester, Webmaster
Les Billings, Membership Chairman
Ralph Clarke, Air BND Chairman
Cline Knowles Circulation Whistle Stop
Mike Tilley, Trip Director
Frank Gricus, Grant Director
Frank Gricus, Camera Director
Robert Mushet, Broadcastify Director
Mike Tilley, Chuckey Depot Advisory Board
Rick Chinouth, Chuckey Depot Advisory Board & Sub Committee Chairman
Position Open, Chapter Attorney